Faith and Football by Josh Steed

Josh has taken two of my favorite things in the world - my faith in Jesus Christ and my love for football - and uniquley weaved them together to show how the journey of the modern athlete and Christ follower mirror each other. With a rich knowledge of scripture, exclusive interviews with both college and NFL players and coaches, and a firsthand insight into the emotions, sacrifice, and dedication behind the sport, Josh creates a one-of-a-kind, spot-on parallel between faith and football. If you understand the sport but have never understood faith in God, this book will take your hand and guide you down familiar terrain, showing you that the commitment and journey of an athlete is almost identical to that of a follwer of Christ. This book will be appreciated by all athletes! It is an amazing resource for in-depth devotions and study of the scriptures and would be a great asset to any Christian athlete longing to dig deeper.

Jenny Simmons
Lead vocalist for the hit Christian band
Addison Road

"A unique evangelical tool. Clear, straightforward, and well edited."
- Foreword CLARION Review

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